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Evesdropping on an underachiever mom

Not Materialistic
Not Materialistic
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Did I really just hear that? Today, while I was standing in line waiting to purchase toothpaste, two women were talking behind me. One woman says "Oh I'm so glad my son got a bad progress report from school, because now I can hold it against him and not buy him a Wii."

What....wait....what??? She wants her son to fail in school so she doesn't have to purchase a video game???? Has society really gotten that materialistic? Something told me not to get sassy with someone this nutty,  standing so close to me but this is what I wanted to tell her.

Hey Lady....Limit the commercials your son watches, he can't ask for what he is not constantly bombarded with. You can control it by running DVD's.
However, when he visit friends homes, you will need to deprogram him when he comes home and remind him that more is not always better....unless were talking about good grades!

Introduce him to nature. There is just something about hiking and camping that soothes the soul and makes you understand, you can have fun with just the basics in life, even if its for a few days.

Visit Museums. Reinforce its better to create instead of consume things all of the time.

Teach him to make gifts instead of buying all of them. A batch of cookies and a homemade card for a friend says LOVE.

Volunteer at shelters.

Cut down on your own shopping.

Donate your old stuff.

Teach him about being Green and recycling things. Maybe underachiever Mom does some of these things....for her son's sake, I sure hope so.