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Everything you should know about TurboTax Free Edition

Turbo Tax is a great software program that people can use to easily do their taxes at home. There is no special knowledge needed in order to use this program to complete your taxes. Consumers can purchase the full version of the program, but the free version is enough to meet most people’s needs.

All it takes to do your taxes using this program is answering questions and filling in the needed information. Based on your answers to the questions the software program automatically searches for any tax break that you may be able to get. The software performs thousands of checks to make sure all the fields on your tax form are filled out correctly. This will ensure you turn in an accurate tax return and will avoid you triggering an audit you will have to pay.

If you have dependents you will want to use this program to find your tax deductions. The program will even tell you who in your life can qualify as one of your dependents. It will also find credits such as child and dependent care; these credits can save you money on your taxes.

The free version of Turbo Tax can be used for both federal and state taxes. After you have finished doing your federal taxes the program will automatically transfer your relevant information to the forms for your state tax. There are additional fees for this service but to many people it is worth spending extra.

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