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Everything you need to know for getting dressed this spring

Check out Dior's spring line for style
Check out Dior's spring line for style
Christian Dior

We've spent the last year embracing subdued hues, mourning the economy.  But, Obama says the worst of the recession is over, and the runways confirm that it's true. 

Instead of light jade and neutral mauve, brights are back.  Designers are doing their part to celebrate and stimulate the recovering economy.  Get ready to embrace fuschia, violet and sapphire.

To do it right, pair bright colors with neutrals.  Try wearing a bright purple top with sea-foam green on bottom.  Or try a sapphire top with mocha on bottom.  It's bold. Just make sure your shades are exactly right - there's a big difference between clashing and smashing.

Be aware of the fabrics, too.  If the purple shirt is sequined, go with a silkier bottom.  Something heavy and canvasy would look mismatched, but glitz on bottom would be too much.

Don't be afraid to try bigger hats, cropped jackets, ruffles, tulle and bows.  We're celebrating. 

And as spring approaches, be ready to hike up those hemlines.  Hemlines go down and the economy goes down, and right now, the economy is on the rise.  Act accordingly and embrace minis.  Bright minis. With bows...


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