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Everything you need to know about emotional labels

I have a problem
I have a problem

Anything and everything has a label today from those on food, clothes and other items as well as humans. And why is it that the label placed upon us by doctors, society and other contributors, gives the impression that we are not accountable for our actions.

I am real tired of the labels today and long for the days of yesteryear where it didn’t matter whether you were ADHD, bipolar, psychotic, insane, abused, illegitimate, or have some other syndrome…because those didn’t exist back then..and if you did something unacceptable, it was your fault.

And yes, I am proud that we have doctors, medicines that will help improve our conditions. But somehow, we have taken on the adage that we will get a lesser punishment when we swear, hurt, hit or even kill someone...because of our problem..And generally those attacked, have to think what kind of label is on the collar of their shirt. They usually don't have one....sometimes enabler?

Emotional labels that are taken too seriously do not allow people to grow into those they deserve to be. We even put those labels on our children when in reality their talent outshines are own and they can have so much more.

We all need support, whether it be in professional or personal endeavors. But making excuses for our weaknesses or blaming others for our own lack is a senseless mission in the end. Eventually, we end up with nothing, except for maybe that label that bought us some time, energy and contentment long ago.

The emotional labels that we should be concentrated on

· Trust
· Respect
· Empathy
· Consideration
· Love

Love being the most important of all and it isn’t there when it is wrapped in labels that exemplify weakness and lack. Love in you, your profession or those that surround you grows on thought, example and patience. Love is not always identified easily and takes purpose to build deeply. Everything that is worth it takes hard work...that is it and the most successful will never counteract that idea. We sometimes forget.

For those with the positive attributes stamped on the resume, there are no excuses but promise. It is a shame that the others bound by excuse will not reach a lifetime of friendship,wonderful opportunity and of course, the boundless waters of love?

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