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Everything that glitters is not gold: Def Jam drops Trinidad James

It seems like more than ever people are turning to social media to make major announcements. Announcements good and bad, an example of this week in music became a trending topic on twitter after he announced via tweet that he was dropped by his label, Def Jam. In addition, that his album was free and if anyone's beat or verses were heard - he had no money to pay anyone, at this point.

Trindad James dropped from Def Jam
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for BET

"I should tell yall. I got dropped by the Label. My Album is now free. If u hear ur beat or verse on it. I hope u want dap cuz i got no money"

-Trinidad Jame$ (@TrinidadJamesGG) August 2, 2014

Just two years ago, James signed a 2 million dollar deal with the label. So, what went wrong?

No official detailed statements have been released on the reason by either James of affiliates of Def Jam, however, many are assuming because of his poor record sales of his recent mix tape, 10 PC. Mild (available now for free) or James making headlines for other things besides his music, such as when he called out New York rappers during his performance and made other bold remarks in a captured video, here.

Whatever the reason, which we predict will be released soon, this is a example of how it's easy for musicians to be recognized for their talent, but how hard it is to stay relevant in such a competitive and congested industry. Do you remember, it seemed like yesterday James released "All Gold Everything" - in 2012 to be exact, that went viral, put him on the map and ignited his music career. Despite the unfortunate news, James has expressed via twitter to his followers/fans that he will still continue his upcoming projects, which includes: music and appearances.

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