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Everything old with wheels is new again

Bicycle concepts from BMW

Imagine the excitement when the first bicycles with evenly sized wheels came onto the market. No more falling off the Penny Farthing. Finally, alternative transportation for the masses. And mass-produced, to boot, making it afFORDadable, like the Model T later did for automobiles.

The more than 200 year old Peugeot company made bicycles long before the family business started the next new phase of alternative transportation, auto-buggies, and today the French firm still produces fine cars and trucks. And now they start producing a hybrid e-bike - worth exploring.

Crank & chain bicycles grew up with the industrial revolution and were the first mechanized mode of transportation in the now ‘developed world’, leading to the situation we now find ourselves in. Together they created jobs and wealth, which many areas around the world are now repeating with great expectation and some success.

As the saying goes, “Everything old is new again”, and bicycles are making a comeback, big time. For fitness, for the ecology, for commuting, for being green.

While the new ‘New World’ is striving to get from bicycles to scooters to cars, we are returning from cars to scooters to bicycles. Since we have been spoiled, we need electric bikes, or a ‘better’ motorcycle. One that preferably has an adjustable windscreen, heated seat and handlebars, storage space for two shopping bags, possibly some type of roof in case of rain, and one that uses very little fuel, and lasts for a very long time, as we have come to expect from a Diesel car.

Diesel motorbikes? Really? Yes, Diesel bikes do exist, and here are some very atypical ones, and also a new production motorbike - with a Diesel engine (YES!).

Now, let’s have another look at the newest transportation appliance from the oldest bike builder through the eyes of gizmag, and more design details and two very cool videos at one of my favorite sites, in French and in English.

This may be a shorter article than usually, but you could spend a whole day exploring all the links, especially the one about ‘far out’ bikes, or you can read up on a variety of electric bikes at this link.

If you are seriously into bicycling, here is information about cadence, the speed of ‘turning the crank’, and if you are ready to go for alternative transportation from a conventional automaker, - most of them offer a bicycle for sale now – here is one.

Are you hooked yet? —— Happy cycling!

P.S. Talking about cadence and 'turning the crank' — I wish that could have been the way to get my new computer 'cranked up' again without losing two days.

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