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Everything is made out of unseen material

In Genesis 1:1 God creates the entire world out of the unseen realm, matter if you like. matter that can only be 'seen' under a very special microscope. Now, because you cannot see matter, does that mean that it does not exist? Most certainly not.

Scientists that study quarks, (quantum elements) use a very high powered microscope to be able to study quarks. The interesting thing about quarks is that even though we cannot see them with the naked eye. we can see the fruit, or the manifestation of quarks. When quarks combine, they form items, stuff, like chairs, books, tables, in fact anything that you can see is made up of this unseen matter, called quarks.

Physics not only support the creation account in Genesis. Quantum mechanics goes a whole lot further. With quantum mechanics we can actually substantiate faith. I understand the law of faith through faith, but with the laws of quantum mechanics i can now explain the law of faith using scientific principles.

God called those thing into existence that did not exist. In other words, He called forth His expectation (what we call creation) and it the quarks acted as they have been programmed to act when activated. His voice activated the quantum particles and the unseen combined to form seen. Out of nothing, something was created. Powerful teaching. Jesus in Mark 5 said if you can believe (believing is expecting a manifestation)

Can you believe?

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