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Everyone not happy with The Word Church at Shaw High

The city of East Cleveland and Shaw High School have recently welcomed The Word Church. However, some are saying "whatever"!

With the most recent addition of Shaw High School as a place for word and worship - has The Word Church crossed the threshold of overexposure? That's not the only question being asked. What is their purpose? What are they trying to prove? Here a church, there a church, everywhere a Word Church - do they really need to be everywhere? The Word Church brand has worn out its welcome with some skeptics.

Maybe it's too soon to label these skeptics as jealous haters, but what else could they be? If one were to strip Pastor Vernon of title and position, he is still a man of God who has an obligation to make disciples of men. All Christians share the same responsibility as witnesses and ambassadors for their lord and savior Jesus Christ. The disciples were instructed to go into all the world. So, there is certainly no harm in taking the Gospel into all of Cleveland. The murmurings of disgruntled shepherds and visionless leaders question this man and his motives. While R.A., seems to be gaining momentum for the mission. There is no place for jealousy. No matter the level of success, pastors are laborers in the gospel together.

East Cleveland has seen better days. It is now an image of stereotypical urban society ravaged with drugs, violence and crime. At one time the city boasts some of the finest three story, 5 and 6 bedroom homes, in beautiful and quiet neighborhoods. The city was a gateway suburb to Cleveland Heights. Residents dream of restoring the city back to its glory days. What better way to resurrect that community than by equipping its youth with the Word of God.

In a day when the church as a whole is losing visibility and credibility, there can no longer be inactivity. The skeptic’s “whatever” is in no way as profound as the Word Church’s “whatever”. East Cleveland and Shaw High School are beneficiaries of a “whatever” church – The Word Church. Groceries – “whatever”, giveaways - “whatever”, Pay it Forward – “whatever”. And “whatever” it takes, they’re “Getting the Word Out”. So, don’t be mad!


  • P.M. Hughley 5 years ago

    I agree with this article. There is no better way to restore a neighborhood, community, or anything else other than starting with the Lord. In addition, some of the 'skeptics' are other pastors and religious leaders. If we are all worshipping the same Lord in spirit and in truth, then there is no need or room for one church to knock another.

  • Jim W. 5 years ago


  • Ms. White 5 years ago

    I agree with the writer. I don't know why there are haters in the christian community. God's word is for everyone. We all know that east cleveland needs a face lift and through the church that can happen. God loves everyone and his word is true. So to all the haters don't look at the Messagenger LOOK at the message!!!! God has a work and if its improving the community then Pastor Vernon you Do God's work!!!!!!

  • hrd 5 years ago

    But isn't this crossing the line of church and state. Or maybe I am just misunderstanding. Sorry but to clean a neighborhood the citizens need to clean themselves first. Get rid of the drugs, violence and any other crime and people will come back. Sure a church will help but the people need to look no further then themselves. The church was present when the city started it's downward spiral...where was it then???

  • GLO 5 years ago

    I do believe that the neighborhood around Shaw High school is going down. A church is one way to clean up that neighborhood or any neighborhood. Having a church inside a school is great because at least you can get some people to come to the school that would in other wise not go to a church build in the same neighborhood. The WORD is getting out and that is what matters most.

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