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Everyone needs a neighbor like the one who left this now viral note !

Neighbor' leaves note for new apartment resident and it goes viral
photo credit - IJ Review

You have been there before when you have just moved into your first apartment or home and often wondered what is in store for you in your new home. Well maybe if you had a new neighbor who left you a note like one did for this apartment resident you might have shared it too. According to IJ Review a new apartment tenant came across a note posted to his door that has gone totally viral!

Read the totally cool note that neighbor “Chris” left and you can totally understand all the fantastic vibes it has generated as well as shares all over the joint.

Some of the note’s listings are so terrific that many would enviously say, “I wish I had known this new neighbor in my other rental experiences or I would pay good money to have him cloned.”

Read on and you’ll get the idea why this neighbor is what every newbie neighbor would wish and pray for. Share it too because who knows someone else, or maybe you might be the neighbor to pass on the “note” that helps your next new neighbor.


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