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Everyone is guilty of wrong doing in the Martin case

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The special investigator assigned to the Jonathan Martin concluded that Dolphins linemen Richie Incognito did harass Martin and others; according to a February 15 article in Sporting News. In his report Ted Wells stated that Martin was subject to harassment on a daily basis.

The article goes on to say that other players and a member of the coaching stance were also harassed.

Who is ultimately responsible for how this all started and ended? Examining each of the major players involved under the Biblical microscope, we find the following:

Martin was correct in confronting his tormentors. However, he should have escalated the matter to the coach or some other authority; according to the Holy Bible. He is to take the elders or leaders when he goes to confront Incognito and group the second time he spells out his concerns.

Incognito took advantage of a weak brother. He should have recognized that things were getting out of control and, as a team leader, known when to make it stop. At any point during the harassment period, he could have called for a moratorium.

Jim Turner, the Dolphins offensive line coach, is guilty on a number of fronts. According to, he not only knew about the harassment; he participated in it. As a coach and teacher, he will be judged more harshly; according to the Holy Bible.

Incognito’s lawyer stated that Wells’ report and findings was filled with errors.

What could Martin have done differently?

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Source: Sporting News