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Everyday Olympians

Everyday medalists
Everyday medalists
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The dictionary definition of the word “Olympic” is, “of or pertaining to the city of Olympus, in the country of Greece. The true meaning of the Olympic Games lies not in definitions, but in the hearts of every athlete who competes and in every observer who watches and participates, if only in the capacity of cheering on those athletes as they strive to give their all in their chosen activity. It is this inner drive to be better, to do one’s absolute best that raises our spirits and allows us to continue to “rise to the occasion”; whether competing on Olympic sports or getting through our regular work days with a feeling of accomplishment.

If a secondary definition of an Olympian is someone who strives to do their absolute best within their chosen profession, then there are many of us that fit that definition every day. We are the ones who show up at work every day and give 100 % of our time and skills. Whether running our own businesses or working for someone else, we all have the need to be productive and to accomplish something that makes us feel vital and alive. And, we each have that hope that in some way we will manage to make a positive difference, either in someone else’s life or in the world at large. Medals are a visible way in which we get rewarded for a job well done, but most of us know that heroic feats are accomplished every day by those who will never receive a medal. We are the invisible supporters in so many ways for each other every day of the week.

As we go through the current winter Olympic season and cheer on the athletes from almost every country in the earth, let’s also give a mental cheer to each other, as those who strive to do their best every day so that the Olympic contests can continue to happen. Let’s all give ourselves an invisible medal for just showing up!
Peace @-)-)-----