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Everyday is Easter

Pastor Scott Oberle
Pastor Scott Oberle
Len Potter

After hearing those words, everyday is Easter, from Pastor Scott Oberle at the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Downers Grove, it made the wheels of my mind turn in passion..reminding me of what is real and makes all the difference.

Because, as the people of all faiths, we truly need to live by the goodness that we have been taught. It is not about Christmas, the birth of Christ, Easter and it not about his resurrection. It is about the beauty of his teaching; helping others in wellness, prosperity and most of all, love. Not just this Sunday.. but in every moment of our lives. Never disregarding our purpose.

This Sunday the Easter service at the First Congregational United Church of Christ will be broadcasted on the Internet for anyone that cannot attend. To view Pastor Scott, please go to The service will be presented at noon on Easter.

The message will be regarding not leaving Jesus in a 2000 year old graveyard in “remembrance” but living life as he has taught us, so that in the joy of Christ we reflect the Good News of Christ. After all, in Matthew’s gospel, he did tell them to make new disciples, by going and teaching them the things Jesus had commanded. Pastor Scott reiterates once again in his own elegant style.

For more information on the services that are scheduled and the work of First Congregational in Downers Grove, click on the link to learn about their commitment. As their own mission statement reflects, they are truly a congregation on a journey, maybe not having all the answers, but a faith based-belief in all that they do.