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Everyday a new year

The New Year is great! It gives many people motivation to make lifestyle, business, social, spiritual, you name it, millions of changes. The beginning of a new year gives people the feeling of reset, a fresh start. Many wait all year for the new start. Resolutions or rather intentions can be set on a daily basis. Looking at each day as a new beginning or rather a new year can be helpful in aiding you in achieving your goals.

Take a moment when you first wake up to lay in bed or sit in your favorite reading chair with a cup of tea or coffee or whatever you desire. Take a deep breath in and exhale out closing your eyes. In that moment in the clarity of your mind take a moment to set an intention. Something small that will set your on your path to greatness. Drinking one more glass of water, or drinking one glass of water. Eating one apple each day. Having a salad with your lunch. Taking the stairs. This meditative state can provide many benefits for your morning, day, and life in general.

Regular meditation has a variety of health benefits. Meditation can provide a healthy way to reduce personal stress, gain skills to deal with stressful situations, and aide you on your path to self-actualization. It allows you to gain control over your thoughts and begin to manifest your own destiny. Meditation doesn't need to be sitting cross-legged on a pillow with burning incense and chanting. It can be as simple as lying in bed, taking a few minutes to sit at your desk and clear your mind, closing your eyes briefly before you sip on your sacred cup of coffee each morning and setting a goal each day.

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