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Everybody needs FileCenter

FileCenter keeps all of your files organized
FileCenter keeps all of your files organized

Lucion Technologies may be the makers of the one software app you need to get through 2014.

It's FileCenter, and it helps home and professional users scan, organize, edit, archive, and find computer files. It's one-stop shopping when it comes to keeping your data organized.

Whether you want to go paperless or you need help sharing files on a network, FileCenter will do it all.

FileCenter may be the best money you spend all year long when it comes to your computer or home office. I'm a small one-person operation and when I got FileCenter up and running, I was able to easily make it a part of my work flow.


FileCenter is all about organizing files and data and data. That makes finding that file you might have to refer to once a year a snap. FileCenter supports all Windows files.

“FileCenter software can put important documents at your fingertips in seconds and help you keep everything organized," says CEO and President of Lucion, Jeff Pickard.


It's been almost impossible to go paperless, even in this day and age, but FileCenter gives you a puncher's chance.

“Going paperless is a great way to streamline office operations – and help save the planet by reducing paper," adds Pickard. "Once you find the right solution, you’ll never want to visit Paper Mountain again.”

Scan any of your papers with a simple and single mouse clip and keep them in order in FileCenter.

One of my favorite features is you get a nice preview of your file before you open it. This comes in handy.

So many applications are just an app you may use. FileCenter is an app you WILL use.

The price point is a bargain. A regular version is $99.95 per computer and $199.95 for the professional version.

Get a free trial and download a version at:

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