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Everybody is loved at Exxxotica 2014

The summer of love is not a particular date in the past, at least not according to Exxxotica. The event covers the beginning of spring all the way to the colder, familiar seasons, but to South Florida it’s a spectacular way to start our hot summers by meeting up with some loving stars. Ultimately, that is what Exxxotica has always wanted to showcase to all guests; beyond the pink drapes, sexy bodies, and cheering there is a lot of love for all to receive.

Veronica Rodriguez sporting the sexiest way to display Jordans.
Photos provided by Christian J. Lam
Giving back to the fans, even if it's just a hug.
photo provided by Christian J. Lam

Exxxotica 2014 had recorded some very impressive numbers for its second outing at a new location. On premiere day, 5,500 women came to visit (a 28% increase from last year), which is a pretty good indication that many people have accepted and will continue to arrive to Exxxotica’s Ft. Lauderdale showing. But with so many new fans coming in, Exxxotica doesn’t mean to simply display gorgeous bodies and lipstick smiles. It wants to give an affectionate welcome to all attendees. How else is it capable to achieve such a high rate of visitors without mentioning how many smiles and laughter were coming from the stars of the show.

Veronica Rodriguez is a very intriguing personality among the high heeled veterans around her. She is petite sized but handles an astonishing figure meant for modeling and a great smile for any camera. It comes as no surprise that billboards across i-95 had her image beaming off of them (and may have been a little dangerous for high traffic hours). But even her tight shorts, cut tank top, and long knee high socks covering her shapely legs were not the curious parts of her attire, it was her sneakers.

Miss Rodriguez is quite open to questions regarding her work and just as equally her sporty look. She told her inquirers that The Jordans’ she was wearing are a part of a brand new line, and was not available for purchase by the public at the time of this event. To further prove her hobby, one look at her very NSFW twitter account will reveal that she is very much a “Sneakerhead” (a connoisseur of the latest fashion trend in sneakers). Veronica Rodriguez’ face was on every advertisement for Exxxotica, but she decides to show herself to fans not in the exaggerated heels that are plentiful among the other actresses, but as her honest, sneaker loving self that appears to all her loving twitter followers.

On the matter of honesty, there is a serious side to Exxxotica and the people that creates the convention’s unique atmosphere. Since the convention is meant as a display of talent and product of the industry, it’s very important to all the stars and exhibitors to stand out. This is made even more difficult considering the adult theme already makes the exhibition far from ordinary in the first place. But everyone at the show is very energetic and awaiting their chance to show what they bring to the industry. Even the sales people kept this in mind; so finding two well figured men in wigs, fishnets and curiously well fitted women’s shoes will have some of the best customer service attitude found in the hall.

Jasmine Caro knows exactly what it takes to stand out among the crowd. Her pink bunny/corseted outfit will certainly get some attention, but Miss Caro has already done more than just pick up the right costume. She was featured as Penthouse’ Pet of the month and even wrote the accompanying article about herself. Meeting her is going to be a very fond experience to any man in Miami who wanted to speak to their hot, Cuban crush with a heart of gold; she easily calms any nervous fan with her warm demeanor (but they turn bashful again viewing her displayed penthouse pictures). A personality with so much depth of character is going to be important for anybody’s career, but Jasmine Caro seems poised to easily stand out for more than just her body.

Perhaps the most engaging type of love that is offered at Exxxotica is the one that convinces its visitors to love themselves, and the conveys that message. The non-profit Christian website always has a corner for itself at the convention and for a good reason. They don’t have scantily dressed models, they don’t have phallus shaped candy or sensual videos. Instead, this online church offers support to those that suffer from pornography addiction and other destructive behaviors. This particular group doesn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable for visiting; they welcome the chance to stand beside others with a positive message to share.

While the summer of love rolls on to other cities, Exxxotica 2014 left Florida with fond wishes and great impressions on all attendees. Amazing is the word to describe the personalities of the stars and exhibitors as they genuinely enjoy coming to Ft. Lauderdale. When the statuesque Rubberdoll (in all her latex glory) is presented a previous year’s picture, she remembers perfectly the great attitude of the handi-capped individual she posed with in the picture. And when Evan Stone is asked to surprise a fan, his smile grows larger and happily greets the jubilant youth. The giggling and nervous laughter in the air isn’t just because of the beautiful bodies in attendance; it’s from those finally feeling the true love and spirit of the convention.

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