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Every Tea Gets a Ceremony at Bamboo Tea House

Outdoor signage made by local artist
Outdoor signage made by local artist
Bamboo Tea House

While tea growing, cultivating, brewing, drinking, and reading has occurred throughout nearly every civilization in the past several thousand (or even million) years, from Brittan, to Japan, China, India, and South America, it’s not common today that you find all of these histories combined. That’s one of the many reasons it’s enlightening and often educating to live in the melting pot we call Los Angeles. With residents hailing from some of the most diverse cultures in the world, we are lucky to have such broad access to learning about these other lifestyles and traditions. Los Angeles tea lovers are also very lucky that one tea room in Pasadena strives to grow all the international roots of tea into one very large tree from which anyone can discover their favorite style and flavors of tea, and maybe even learn a little about themselves.

Bamboo Tea House on bustling Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena is a great stop a little out of the way of downtown Los Angeles where tea lovers can enjoy a truly zen experience. Whether you want to explore your own tea heritage or its origins elsewhere, Bamboo Tea House provides practically all the information you need, and the perfect atmosphere to soak it in.  There’s plenty to explore, too with over 120 varieties of tea and herbs, and selecting just one to taste can be tough, but luckily Bamboo Tea House allows patrons to browse through this massive wall of tea so you can see and smell the herbs before you choose. Once you’ve discovered your favorite tea, you can also browse through the wall of tea pots- from British Brown Betty to Chinese YiXing ceramic master builders, there’s a perfect tea pot match for every tea type.

For Los Angeles residents, commuters, and visitors alike, Bamboo Tea House offers not only a tea and gift for every taste, but the tranquil atmosphere to escape your daily grind. Relax with the scent of fresh teas, herbs, and spices, beautiful orchids, and sounds of the bamboo fountain, and even do a little shopping, too! If you don’t get out to Pasadena much, not to worry- Bamboo Tea House’s website lets you browse through their international selection of teas and herbs as well was tea pots, books, gifts, and more. Also visit Bamboo Tea House’s website to find more information on their location, hours, and history.