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'Every Mother's Worst Fear' true story possibly based on Tara Noble

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"Every Mother's Worst Fear" is fact-based movie that could have been inspired by the Tara Noble case. "Every Mother's Worst Fear," starring Cheryl Ladd, debuted on the USA Network in August 1998, according to the New York Times.

The real names of the real people were changed to Connie and Martha Hoagland in the movie. It is directed by Bill L. Norton and written by John Robert Bensink.

"Every Mother's Worst Fear" synopsis/plot

A mother frantically tries to find her teen daughter after she is kidnapped by an online predator. Once she gets the police to believe that her daughter is not a runaway, they are able to track the girl to a cyber-kidnapper who will ultimately sell her to the highest bidder.

The movie is eerily similar to a true story case involving 13- year-old Tara Noble. Noble's story made headlines in 1995 when she was lured from her home in Kentucky by a man using the online name 'George," according to the Baltimore Sun.

Police say Tara Nobles boarded a bus bound for California but was turned in to police before making contact with 'George.'

Her case created a media sensation which exposed online chat rooms.

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