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Every life matters: just live your life

You are a spiritual being here on earth as a human to fulfill a soul contract you made with your divine being. Within that contract are subcontracts with other spiritual beings that have come here to do the same. It's all interconnected, we are ALL connected and perhaps it makes no sense in the natural to most of us. The more we are awakened to this truth, the easier it is to "overstand" why "sh*t happens" and also why miracles happen “every moment”.

Life Matters
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The key to living through adversity and criticisms is to navigate through life knowing that everything and everyone we experience, no matter what the experience, is divinely ordered. Although, society has set a rules in place for us to follow, with the exception of the ones that protect us and keeps us from harming others; just remember that the negative opinions and thoughts of others who are in your life; such as comments about your accomplishments or lack thereof or whatever they deem is acceptable to them is none of your business, because who you are and what you do in life has nothing to do with what they think. Who you are, is exactly who you were born to be, not who you may be forced to become. How you end up living your life is up to you.

If a homeless man saves a woman's life because he was sleeping in the alley where she was mugged, he was divinely appointed for that moment, he took action and surely it is well pleasing to the highest of the highest. What if that moment was the main reason he was born? What if that was the reason for his existence, to fulfill that purpose? And what if he knows this and is perfectly OK with it? Who on earth has the right to determine the value of his life? No one on earth but him, and only he needs to be OK with it. Of course, this is an extreme example, but one that exist for a lot of people. This is not to say, that the homeless man doesn’t have dreams and doesn’t want a better life. However, no matter what his life condition is at any given moment, does not give another person the right to permanently define you, ever.

Remember, everyone's life matters; whether someone agrees or disagrees with it, is what doesn't matter. Our only obligation to this world is to live a purposeful life, one that hopefully includes love, compassion and non-judgment. A purposeful life comes in many forms; none greater or less than the other. Our purpose and worth is not defined by anyone but our “Divine Being”.

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