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Every hobbit needs a home

A mobile Hobbit Hole for sale on eBay.
A mobile Hobbit Hole for sale on eBay.

If the hobbits weren't such Luddites or if Middle Earth were just over the river and through the woods, this is the kind of mobile delight Bilbo Baggins would have hitched up to his pony (or VW bug) and gone there and back again.

You won't need more than a few bags of gold to own it and you can drive it to or away from the nearest smog locale.

The Hobbit Hole teardrop trailer was homemade and is offered for a starting bid of $6,000. If you don't live in Austin, Texas, you'll also have to arrange either a fellowship of the roads to get it to you or you can take an adventure to Texas where you'll have to beware the Orcs and armadillos.

This project began as a Harbor Freight Tools 4-foot by 8-foot trailer kit. Two months of after work and weekend efforts resulted in a plywood frame covered with vinyl putty. The vinyl putty made the walls look like stucco. The inside walls were primed and the outside walls were painted. The exterior paint is a combo waterproofer/texture/solid stain. The top is a layer of fake grass so you can imagine you're on a hill or you'd fit right in at the local miniature golf course.

The roof has three covers. The windows are Duraplex. The trailer is wired and there's a 120 v outlet connected to a surge protector and a charger/converter.

The back hatch opens and there's a shelf for the stove, a spice rack and room for a coffee pot, plates, a large cooler and the battery.

You can see the full journal of the project on imgur. Although the Hobbit Hole was built for the builder's wife, the trailer is dedicated to the owner's great-grandfather who was an electrical engineer. Check out the extra tire and the flower boxes on both sides.

This particular custom teardrop trailer has been highlighted on a few blogs and if you like doing Cosplay or travel to renaissance fairs, then this would be perfect for a weekender.

The auction ends on 27 June 2014 at 11:30 PDT

To bid, visit eBay Motors.

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