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McGlowan tells Republicans, You cannot legislate morality
McGlowan tells Republicans, You cannot legislate morality
by Angela McGlowan ‏@angelamcglowan


I saw Angela McGlowan, for whom I have great respect, on Fox, talking about what republicans should or should not do to win the 2014 election. That makes two days in a row I have seen women whom I respect saying something that I find disagreeable. First, Ann Coulter explained that some Tea Party group leaders just want money and that we should not care much about primarying Establishment Republicans. Now Angela also thinks that we should focus on money issues and not morality issues. She went on to say that, “You cannot legislate morality.” That is not right at all. That is the very reason for having government; to legislate doing what is moral. In the long run while it maybe good if I am not a thief in heart, governments establish law to instruct and put a fear into the thief-in-heart so that he or she will often not do what they would. For that exact purpose it also have the power of punishment so that others might see that it is not worth it; even if their hearts are not right. There is no doubt some people will end up doing right that would otherwise not, because of law.

Likewise a government can legislate immorality. We have seen that over the centuries, with Islam, the inquisition, Communism, Nazism and even Obama’s attempt to force nuns to violate their consciences. SO, STOP SAYING THAT, “You cannot legislate morality.” The left openly talks about legislating immorality and overcoming the Constitution, while Republicans don’t have the guts to stand for the opposite. I know what that problem is. They have no root in themselves because many of them don’t really believe what they claim to believe. Therefore they don’t know how to speak about it without getting themselves in trouble politically. This shows that they have not thought these things through and seek to actually hide themselves from moral matters.

Lastly, if the Republicans think they can convince a moral people that all we should think about is money, they will lose. Moral people, particularly Christians will leave them to the liberals and let’s see how many of those votes they get. Yea, the country will go to hell as though in a hand basket, but Christian's final solution is not of this age.

All the above can be solved by going back to the old landmark; to the foundations laid down by the founders. As I have been writing about, they left a formula that I call R=N=S, that if a Republican understood what it means could not be defeated on rights and government acts of morality. Neither would have to feel uncomfortable about any situation or question that the main stream media would put to them.

Example: Mr. Sullivan, why are you against two men being in love? Answer: “People have free will and I agree that is the way it should be.” When you deal with anything in the constitution that cannot be proven scientifically, government should stay out of it; if by declaring something a right, you will violate another’s rights. We cannot claim to be giving rights, when it takes the rights of others.” I see you have a few same sex couples here. Let me say hello and ask them and you a question, while I think you should be free to do what you want, do you think that anyone else should be force to participate in any of your activities, including marriage ceremonies, if it violates their conscience? The answer must be no or they lose the moral high grounnd. I would be ready to explain the R=N=S formula but would not volunteer it. Then I would give them a possible solution. I could say, "One way to resolve cases like this would be for government to withdraw there hand from having anything to do with validating or putting any official sanction for or against marriage at all. Let that be between the people, their consciousnesses and their God if they believe in one." "No one's rights are violated and you get to do what you want. Government keeps records for possibility litigation that may take place between the two in the future. This brings peace between the people and stop allowing the politicians from playing them like a drum."

If every Republican understood the formula laid down by the founders, they would see that every major conflict from slavery to gay rights could have been solved peacefully by following it. There are no good arguments for legislating any type immorality when its principles are followed. It has a point of reasoning from which every group, wither religious or secular can reason and come to the same conclusions. You see the Standard, does not stand on the way a particular generation or group happens to feel or wish things to be; but on what logically is seeable, provable or can be demonstrated to all individuals. Let's learn those founding principles again, teach them; not antagonizing anyone, while showing why they are necessary for today’s United State of America.


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