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Every day is not a love affair. One day you will hate your job.


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You go to work. You’re on time; ready; and always available to meet the needs of your customers and coworkers. You are flexible; friendly; and forthright when it comes to generating new ideas and taking your company to a new level. You are, for lack of better words, a stellar employee. So why would you ever ‘hate’ where you work?

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We work for other people and live by their rules and regulations. They dictate when we can get up; go to sleep; take breaks; smoke; whatever the case may be. We are not in complete control of our lives and for the most part – we are okay with that because at the end of the week, somewhere in the middle of the month, or once a month we get compensated for giving up our freedoms.  We eagerly cash our pay checks like a thirty year old family man waiting for the test results. We hand over our booty to the man; Uncle Sam; the light man; the phone man; the cable man. And just when you think you’ve finished chucking your final buck you find yourself – yep you guessed it – enslaved to the job once again; at least for the next week, two weeks, thirty days whatever the case may be.

Sounds bleak but you’ve got to work right? Got to eat.  But, because there is always a but, you’re becoming frustrated. You feel unappreciated. The stellar work you used to put your last breath into is just enough for the boss not to complain. You’re energy level has waned and before you know it the love affair is on the fritz and you’re firing up the sites in search for replacements. 

You are not alone. No matter how much money you make or how much respect and responsibility you have – you will one day hate your job. We all do and we all will. And like any love affair these bumps in the road are par for the course. The honeymoon can’t last forever and you can’t go jumping in and out of everybody’s bed because you’re having a ‘not so stellar day’. So what do you do? It’s not as difficult as you think.

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 Remove. Release. Relax.

Sounds to simple but the most complex issues usually are. We are sometimes too intelligent for our own good. We think and over think and the answers are as effortless as a spring fling. When it gets too hard, remove yourself from the situation. Find somewhere, some way or somehow to release. And once you’ve released condition your mind and body to relax. When our minds are clear and the angst has settled we make better decisions and oftentimes it isn’t as terrible as we think. Many a relationship could be saved if we just took the time to ‘clear our minds’ and ‘relax our spirits’. Who knows, maybe the love affair can start a new.

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  • do waa diddy 5 years ago

    you have to change jobs, unless you came from the 60's and believe you should stay in one employer for life. suddenly you got old and before you knew it, the workplace changed dramatically with the internet and high speedy computer desktops. if you didn't change jobs, something is clearly wrong. you change jobs because you don't belong there anymore. frustration, anger, low pay, lack of opportunities to get ahead, etc.

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