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Every day has its own spiritual battles

Some days it may be overwhelming temptation. Other days it may just be circumstances that make it difficult to feel the joy of God’s grace. Every day, whether we notice are not, we are being attacked spiritually. Satan knows our weaknesses. He knows the things that could cause us to stumble, and he does everything in his power to put those obstacles in front of us.
Fortunately, we have God on our side. He has provided the Holy Spirit to give us conviction and discernment about what is truly of God. He has provided the Bible to give us direction in tough situations. It is our job to spend time reading the Bible and talking to God so that we will be able to recognize the leading of the Holy Spirit and recall the truths of the Bible.
"The greatest thing the devil ever did was convincing the world he didn't exist." I’m not sure who first said this, but I heard it from Kevin Spacey on The Usual Suspects. Regardless, it is a fantastic point. We are most vulnerable to Satan’s tricks when we lose focus and forget that these spiritual attacks are coming. If we ignore his existence, we are giving the devil more power than he actually has.
It is vital that we are prepared for a spiritual battle each day. We cannot forget that Satan is always looking for a way to pull us away from God. But that does not mean that we should be afraid. As long as God is on our side, we should never fear anything. Be aware, be prepared, and be joyful. Through Christ, we will always be victorious!