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Every day aromatherapy with therapeutic scents

Fresh lemon scent awakens the senses.
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Aromatherapy is a science based on the way we react to certain scents. We can appreciate every day aromatherapy in our daily lives without any expensive lessons or purchases. Every day holds a new aroma for us to savor and experience. How can we use therapeutic scents every day to enrich our lives?

Animals instinctively pay attention to scents in the air around them.

Every day aromatherapy tells them where to find food and shelter and where danger lies in the form of predators. Humans don't use aromatherapy in the same way, but it does influence our every day moods.

The scent of citrus is a wake up cue.

I like to use citrus soap in the morning. This every day aromatherapy keeps me awake and alert. I sometimes put out a bowl of fresh lemon slices too. The scent brightens the day and brings the mind to life.

Every day is a thinking day.

The smell of cinnamon in your morning bowl of oatmeal enhances mental performance. Not an oatmeal fan? Try some cinnamon aromatherapy toast in the morning to get the brain going.

Medicinal scents, such as eucalyptus and menthol are good for daily use too.

Since these are used when ill, many people associate the scents with empathy and caring. Comfort yourself by setting a few eucalyptus branches in a vase. Just walking past this every day will send you soothing vibes.

Sandalwood incense was once used for meditation.

Sandalwood produces a calming effect. Try a sandalwood diffuser for quiet every day moments of relaxation. Burn sandalwood incense while doing yoga to bring peace to the soul.

Lilacs are a harbinger of spring.

Their fresh scent reminds me of sunlight washed linen. If lilacs bloomed every day the world would be a sweeter place. I love to use lilac scented air freshener in the bath. It makes me feel renewed. Picking up a fresh lilac scented towel to dry with is an every day aromatherapy I could get used to.

The scent of fresh strawberries motivates and drives.

Strawberry conjures up images of childhoods spent picking ripe fruit while running through fields. What better motivation than a fresh bowl of strawberries?

Mint and peppermint in particular have long been recognized as pick me up aromatherapy.

Use peppermint every day for stomach woes without worry of harmful side effects. It has also been shown that peppermint aromatherapy quiets hunger pangs. It will actually cause calorie consumption to lower when used every day.


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