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Every body needs a buddy!

Getting healthy and fit is no easy task but there are tools that you can use that will support you along the way. One of those tools is a buddy! When you have a person in your life, or coach or trainer, you are more inclined to stay the course! Scripture calls it, “when two or more are gathered” others call it “the back-up plan”.

Unfortunately, breaking old habits that have supported and comforted you all this time is like breaking up with an old boyfriend/girlfriend, who will not go away quietly or without a fight! However, when you have someone to share the struggle with or to get some positive reinforcement it makes these shifts in consciousness a lot easier!

Dr. Phil says, in order to get rid of a bad habit you must have a good habit to replace it with. For example, most people who exercise in some form or another will tell you that the hardest thing about exercise is putting on your sneakers. So how do you get those sneakers on when your brain tells you, you don’t have time, it’s too cold outside, it’s raining, it’s snowing, I’ll do it later, or I’ll start tomorrow? You get a buddy, who will not let you get away with that “non-sense” and will not except your excuses!

And what happens when the chatter in your head continues? Acknowledge it! Sounds crazy, yes but it works! If you attempt to ignore it, it will just continue to hammer away at you until you surrender. So thank your brain for keeping you alive in spite of the unhealthy way you have been treating it! Thank your organs for continuing to support your unhealthy lifestyle, thank your feet for carrying all those extra pounds around for such a long period of time. Say thank you, thank you, thank you to your body for supporting the changes you want to make towards becoming healthy. Then share your feelings with your buddy…This is a great way to end a workout.

The best thing about exercising with a buddy? Taking those sneakers off together!b

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