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Every 28 Review

Every 28
Every 28
Every 28

Normally, we would not write a review based on a received sample. Let us explain. In the reviewing business, a sample doesn't actually mean sample. It actually means, full-sized product and this is what we expect. To send anything less than this is well, insulting.

We're sorry. This is just the way that it is. However, this is the best less-than-full-size example that we've ever received. The box in which it arrived is no doubt, the one in which the actual product would arrive. It is of simple and good design.

The reason why one does not wish to receive a small sample in this business is because it lessens the integrity of the knowledge of the product. It lessens the integrity of the product. Finally, how can one recommend a mere piece of the pie? One cannot, in good conscious do such a thing.

Seriously, we once sampled a pizza which was not supposed to have onions on a certain portion of it. Much to our chagrin, the pizza was laden with the devil vegetable. We never ate there again. Yuck!

Within the received box were three feminine pads, four tampons a package of bubble gum and a square of chocolate. Pretty decent. Right? We thought so. We liked the people with whom we dealt, also.

The process for acquiring this subscription is pretty basic. Decide how much you would like to pay ($15.00 p/month - 25.00 p/month), click the pink, "Get Started" button and go from there. Just as an aside, when you sign up for Every28, a portion of all monies go to girls who are in true need of such products. This keeps them in school.

While we are giving Every 28 Days a thumbs up, we do so with the caveat that the integrity of this product is askew.

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