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Everpurse takes its next step into fashion tech with the Mini by Everpurse

The Mini by Everpurse
The Mini by Everpurse

A pioneer in the fashion tech market, Everpurse announced today April 22, the launch of their new fashion tech accessory for women, Mini by Everpurse. After the successful launch of the Everpurse Kickstarter campaign back in 2012, The Mini by Everpurse only seemed like the next natural step in the line of fashion tech accessories.

Everpurse launches their companion fashion tech accessory, the Mini by Everpurse.

The Mini by Everpurse looks like a wallet but its so much more than that. The wallet is actually a cellphone charger for your iPhone 5/5s (plans to expand to support top selling Android phones and the iPhone 6 are in the works) with all the components of a wallet. Wherever you go, whatever your doing, you'll always have a charger on hand. Just like the Everpurse, the Mini has an aluminum safe docking system which nestles the phone while allowing the user to continue using all its functions. The hard-shell Mini can carry cash, credit cards and ID, like any other wallet with its accordion and zip pockets inside. Each Mini style comes in one size, includes a wristlet and shoulder strap and is small enough to fit inside a handbag, briefcase or shoulder bag.

'Convenient, easy to use and a bold statement piece, Mini is for the trendy woman who needs to stay constantly connected and has no time to mess with charging cords. We provide that stunning fashion piece that powers her world,' said Liz Salcedo, CEO of Everpurse who co-founded the company when she was a social worker constantly on the go. 'Mini represents the next step in our mission to stay at the forefront of the fashion tech industry with beautiful, innovative products. There is no other company out there seamlessly integrating this kind of cutting-edge technology with absolutely gorgeous fashion.'

One of the difference between the Everpurse and the Mini is that you no longer need a to worry about having a place to plug in your charging mat since the charger is built into the Mini in the form of the clasp. The clasp doubles as a USB connector, so users can charge the wallet itself at any USB outlet at any time making it more convenient for women on the go. Also the charging capacity is doubled. With the Mini by Everpurse it will charge your iPhone for 48 hours for a longer battery life. It's the perfect accessory for business women, moms, college students; just about anyone who is constantly connected to technology and who leads a busy life. And with a 48 hour charge, there's no need to worry about carrying cords or trying to find an outlet to plug into.

In a conversation with CEO of Everpurse, Liz Salcedo, you can tell how excited she was on the release of the Mini by Everpurse and expressed that the idea came from tons of customer feedback coupled with the goal to create fashion tech accessories that are accessible to everyone. Eventually we may see the Everpurse in accessories for men as well as collaborations with high end fashion designers like Coach as Everpurse continues to pave the way for fashion tech accessories.

The Mini is available on pre-order today on and will begin shipping summer 2014. This first Mini collection is offered for $129, with an early bird price of $98 ending on May 6. The Mini comes in three fashion colors of black, gold an turquoise. If the success of the completely sold out 2013 collection of Everpurse clutches is any indication of how much the customers love Everpurse, the Mini may too become sold out so best to head on over and order yours before it's too late!

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