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Everlast’s everlasting recital at The Black Sheep

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—Everlast performed a two hour set at The Black Sheep, on Aug. 23. He was the headliner, The Widowhood Effect was the opening act and Big B was the direct support. He provided vocals and played the guitar. He was accompanied by Bryan Velasco on keyboard and backup vocals.

Everlast’s everlasting recital at The Black Sheep.
Sareth Ney/
Everlast’s everlasting recital at The Black Sheep.
Sareth Ney/

Before Everlast approached the stage—a stagehand poured Jameson in one glass of ice and Coca-Cola in the other, as they both rested on a small table next to Velasco’s station. After the stage lights dimmed, Everlast made his way on stage, sipped Jameson, chased it with Coca-Cola, wiped his mouth, greeted the crowd and began his recital with “Broken”.

After the music stopped, Everlast sang a cappella and mentioned he had been to the venue a couple of times. Members of the audience began to shout his alias of Whitey Ford. He spoke of “Gaza City Blues” was going to be a new song. He mentioned it was not meant for Palestine; instead it was for the current events happening in Ferguson, Mo. He went onto say the song would be available for free download, on Aug. 25.

Onlookers began to shout out requests for Everlast to play, prior to “This Kinda Lonely”. Some yelled out for House of Pain’s “Jump Around”, while others requested a Johnny Cash cover. He responded by letting the audience know he was not accepting requests, for he would not be able to promise them anything. He went onto compare promises to tomorrow because they were not guaranteed.

After performing “What It’s Like”, Everlast granted one request and covered Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”. Members of the audience clapped and sang along with him. Afterwards—he renamed his encore to “non-core”. He apologized to the audience he was not able to stay and interact with the audience, after his performance. He went onto say he appreciated everyone for spending their hard-earned money and overcoming life’s obstacles to attend the performance.

During Everlast’s collaboration on Santana’s “Put Your Lights On”, one of Everlast’s guitar strings became undone. He exchanged it for another guitar and continued his concert. He went onto end his concert with “White Trash Beautiful”.

“Gone For Good”, “Friend”, “Today (Watch Me Shine)”, “Little Miss America”, “Love For Real”, “My Medicine”, “Long Time”, “Stone In My Hand”, “Black Coffee”, “Lonely Road” and “Working Class Hero” were also part of Everlast’s set.