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Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance holds spring clean event

Flyer for Tiger Mountain Spring Clean up
Courtesy of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance hosts Tiger Mountain spring cleaning effort. This coming Saturday, Evergreen MTB Alliance and partners put muscles into a major project to get trails in shape for the soon-to-open mountain biking season.

Although they'll be working hard, the volunteers will be rewarded for their efforts. Winter inundates trails with debris so participants will be trimming back encroaching growth as well as clearing the muck from winter storms. For a few hours of camaraderie-building labor, they feast on a hearty barbecue. However, as they say on those TV commercials, “Wait! There’s more.” Progression Cycles is offering minor bike tunes and repairs for generous contribution by volunteers. Platypus Hydration, a co-sponsor, is donating some swag for participants a chance to win. Best of all, volunteers get to test three new trails prior to opening with shuttle service. 60 some volunteers will put some muscle into getting those trails (old and new) in order so you can enjoy some great times mountain biking Tiger Mountain trails this up-coming season.

For those of you who missed signing up for this year’s effort, here’s where you miss out.

The tasks the volunteers are tackling:

  • clean drains,
  • trim back brush,
  • clear branches
  • compact the new trails

Their rewards:

  • free minor bike tunes/repairs by Progression Cycles
  • Barbecue
  • Chance to win Platypus swag
  • Ride three new trails
  • Bonus: Be shuttled to those trails!

Evergreen invites you to enjoy the up-coming mountain biking season, and to consider joining the effort next year.

The sponsors: Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, Platypus Hydration, DNR and others

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