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Ever had issues keeping your toddler buckled?

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As many parents are aware and some that will soon see, toddlers don't like to stay buckled for very long. They are energetic and want to be constantly moving.

When traveling, you're constantly trying to make sure that they are buckled as they do try to come out of them after so long. Traveling to the store can even be an issue. Safety is always a parents concern when it comes to their children.

Beltlock has a great solution for the toddlers that don't want to stay buckled and to help parents keep their sanity. These little gadgets may even end up saving their lives. Things do happen in the blink of an eye.

The Beltlock simply goes over the piece that has the button for you to push when you unbuckle. You simply place it over that and then slide the other through the gap and it's buckled. The child can't undo that because the button is covered.

When you're ready to unbuckle them, simply take the car key and slide it through the slit that is on the top to where you can push the button for the seat belt to unbuckle. It's that simple. It's safe. It works!
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