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Ever experience intuition? We're all psychic

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Do you believe in psychics? Is there truth in the idea of reading someone through energy?

Have you ever experienced intuitive events? Has a voice inside of you told you to do something or not to advance in a life choice and it has been correct? This is part of being "psychic."

Intuition is a large component in psychic phenomenon. Many of us accept the fact that we have a "voice" inside us that will give us warnings of what not to do, and yet, some of us still do not believe in a psychic ability.

There are skeptics who believe having any type of psychic ability is a form of demonic practices or that psychic abilities come from the devil. We tend to mock that which we do not understand.

We are all given these abilities. Those who are open minded enough to climb the ladder of enrichment are those who will succeed in bringing the abilities to the surface. It's not a matter of whether or not the abilities exist, but a matter of whether or not you are open to the idea of receiving the gifts you are given.

As it was once said, "For those who understand, no explanation is needed. For those who do not understand, no explanation will suffice."

Never a Niche Live talk radio delves into psychic phenomenon and the experiences that come with opening up to receive the abilities. For more information, you can listen to "Examining Psychic Abilities - We're All Psychic."