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Event: The Makeup Show tours invades Metropolitan Pavillion with beauty

Lauren Napier shows off her new product Cleanse at the NYC stop of The makeup Show at Metropolitan Pavillion.
Lauren Napier shows off her new product Cleanse at the NYC stop of The makeup Show at Metropolitan Pavillion.
all photos by Faith Bowman

Brushes out and ready to blush, makeup artists streamed into the Metropolitan Pavillion to witness the sprawling spectacle that is The Makeup Show. Over the course of two days, a wealth of beauty education was offered as well as new products launched and bodies painted. The makeup Show is an alternate universe where makeup beauty is the only language spoken.

The event is so that professionals can trade knowledge, load up on new products and techniques, and network with each other. Companies like Temptu, Makeup Forever, Obsessive Compulsive, Nars, BlackUP, Inglott, and Smashbox are on hand to talk directly to the artists about the latest powders and potions. This year's visit to NYC was dedicated to the memory of late makeup artist Kevyn Aucoinwith a gallery display of his work.

Attendees could sign up for classes such as A Career in Makeup, Understanding Beauty, and learn about the New Movement in makeup from Ashunta Sheriff, a celebrity makeup artist who regularly works with people like Kelly Rowland and Kerry Washington. makeup artists are pretty serious about educting themselves, and Christina Olivo from Chic Studios was on the first floor handing out catalogs to their intensive makeup school (and bright pink lipstick pens). The aisles were packed with black-clad artists looking at every brush, every eyeshadow palette, and lipstick display.

New entrepeneurs like Lauren Napier were on hand to display and talk about new products, their 'aha' ideas brought to reality. The Cleanse wipe is Lauren's big idea. On a long plane ride, she reached into her bag for a towelette to wipe her face and found that it had already gone dry. At that moment, the idea for the Cleanse wipe was born. each individually packaged wipe is moistened with aloe, water, chamolilla, and cucumber and will thoroughly clean your face of makeup and dirt, gently. The clean black packaging with white sands serif lettering gives it a sophisticated edge, and will look cool in a purse pocket.

The Makeup show continued to move across America drawing crowds in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Orlando. Go to for events, tour dates, and info.