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Event Special: Dante's Inferno at the Super Bowl

Go to Hell... this Tuesday.
Go to Hell... this Tuesday.
Image courtesy of Google Images.

Much scrutiny about the Super Bowl commercials to be aired passed through various restrictions. One such commercial received quite a bit of coverage- EA's Dante's Inferno. Why would such a video game receive a 'no' to be aired when hundreds of thousands of people are looking forward to it?

Three words: "Go to Hell."

It all seems clear now, but if anyone has been watching the Super Bowl, commercials and all, Dante's Inferno did air, with the change "Hell Awaits."

Dante's Inferno is an Action/Adventure video game that resembles Sony Computer Entertainment's God of War series. Players take control of Dante, a Warrior traversing the nine levels of Hell in search of Beatrice. The player will have to battle enemies and epic bosses all with their own unique attributes relating to the theme of the level itself.

Dante's Inferno releases in two days on Februray 9 and the next installment of God War releases on March 16. Don't miss it.

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  • Chris 5 years ago

    EA did not make or publish the Grand Theft Auto series or Bully. That was Rockstar who developed them and Take-Two Interactive who published them.

  • Raynor Bugayong 5 years ago

    And... queue idiocy. Totally stupid mistake. I should know that seeing as how I have the GTA games... Thanks for the comment!

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