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Event review: Society 414 curated date nights

Dinner, dancing, live music, and more are waiting for you at one of Society 414's curated date nights. How fun would it be to have a date night that is more inspired than dinner and a movie where someone else does all of the planning? Society 414's goal is to treat you and a date to a night that revolves around a theme, but you won't know what's in-store for the evening until you arrive. I received a media invitation to the August event and my husband and I were treated to a trip to 1950's Cuba complete with salsa dancing, live music, painting, authentic cuisine, and a social media scavenger hunt.

Each unique event from Society 414 includes four featured artists and that is pretty much all you are told when you purchase tickets, other than the time, date, and a single clue as to where it might be held. Before the event, we were given a series of additional clues that included a dress code (ours was white and tan attire). The location, Westside Cultural Arts Center, was revealed 41 hours before the event.

We could tell we were headed to the right place because everyone was wearing white and tan. The event began with a cocktail hour that brought us into a space where the walls were covered with art and there were different stations to visit. Our itinerary for the evening featured the clues for the social media scavenger hunt that required guests to tweet shots of specific items to vie for prizes.

I started with the beauty area and had a flower put in my hair and my lips painted cherry red. After we picked up a libation (margarita or cuba libre) we moved on to the painting area to create a mini masterpiece. A visit by Chef Nikki Bell's station netted us samples of tricked out rice and beans. Unfortunately, the line was too long to sit for a caricature before we moved onto dinner and into the main room.

Dinner was served buffet style in a stylized room complete with a stage for the salsa band, a dance floor, murals, tables draped with lush fabrics and gorgeous flowers. Our hosts took the stage to explain the flow of the events for the evening: dinner, dancing, cookie panting, and then the winners of the scavenger hunt would be announced.

Dinner was a selection of: salmon, chicken, pulled pork, rice, beans, plantains, and two different types of salad with rice pudding and dulce de leche cake for dessert. When booking our reservation, I made sure to include my dietary restrictions, so on the night of the event the organizers were on hand to tell me which dishes were gluten free. I am a fan of Cuban food, so I loaded my plate with salmon, chicken, pulled pork, salad, and I made sure to save room for a portion of rice pudding for dessert. The food was tasty, but the pulled pork was exceptional because it was tender and it had just the right amount of seasoning.

We had to leave before the dancing got underway to relieve the baby sitter, but we had a great time and would definitely go to another event. My husband, who vary rarely uses Twitter, enjoyed the social media scavenger hunt and won us two tickets to the next event on October 19.

Tickets are on sale for the October event and if you get them now, you will save $10 off the $60 price. No one said you had to bring your significant other, so grab a friend, relative, or a co-worker and head out. Maybe I will see you there for a night of drinking and dancing!

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