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Event preview: Badass Teachers (BATs) March on Washington DC

BATs March on Washington
BATs March on Washington

A rally has been organized by the Badass Teachers (BATs). July 28, 2014 BATs and supporters will hold a protest event in Washington DC to petition the government for a redress of grievances. The BAT Association is an organized group of teachers dedicated to bettering the school system and the education of children. This group of teachers along with many followers and supporters have openly expressed their concerns with the growing issues of poverty and inequality in our society. The BATs have also raised their voices against the excessive amount of tests and evaluations imposed on children in public schools. They are concerned that these tests are being pushed by those who have contempt for real teaching and learning.

The BATs have many demands when it comes to bettering education. Some of their requests include ending federal support for common core standards, ending high-stakes testing, stopping the expansion of corporate charters and the restoration of federal rights of children with special needs.

Last week the teachers protested the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. A group of BATs from Washington state set out on the streets of Seattle for an organized rally. The following day, teachers and supporters met to plan next steps in reclaiming schools. This March on Washington is an attempt to get their voices heard on a higher level. The group is meeting in Washington DC on July 27 for work groups and social gatherings. The following day will be full of events geared toward raising awareness and taking action to improve the educational system.

Many guest speakers and performers are scheduled to appear at this event. Some guests include Suli Breaks (A spoken word artist who's work is often geared toward the educational system), Jeremy Dudley (a New York BAT and hip hop sensation) and Allen J. Cannon ( A congressional candidate from New Jersey).

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