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Event planner : A best career

Event planner : A best career
Event planner : A best career
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Event planning is a relatively new field that’s growing rapidly. A good event planner resume will inspire hiring managers to offer an interview and, ultimately, the job.

When constructing an event planner resume, make sure it showcases all pertinent qualifications, expertise, skill, personal attributes and experiences that will impress a hiring manager.

Event planners are tasked with putting together an event, such as a wedding or birthday party. They may be assigned a convention or large meeting. Their overall goal is to make the event functional and practical. They maintain the details and budget. They coordinate all aspects of the event from food to scheduling speakers to where and when meetings will take place, to printing materials and getting audio-visual equipment.

Event planners are utilized by a wide range of clients, including private individuals, non-profit organizations, government, public and private enterprises, hotels, and more. The event planner does far more than make sure the food is good. They address the overall message of the event, ensuring that message reaches all participants successfully.


The first thing an event planner is going to need is great interpersonal skills. They deal with many personalities and will have to develop quick rapport with clients, staff, and vendors. They need exceptional organizational skills and to be adept at creative problem solving.

In today’s market, event planners are getting degrees. College graduates are appealing candidates to hiring managers. A bachelor’s in hospitality management is becoming prevalent, but hiring managers are also impressed with candidates that majored in communications, business, public relations, community services, and marketing.

Hands-on experience will be critical, especially if a candidate isn’t bringing a degree to the table. One year internships are part of the undergraduate experience and should probably be considered by all candidates. Having an understanding of event planning software is a plus. Volunteer work at community events or on campuses working on alumni association events and award dinners would be beneficial.


As stated, event planning is a fast growing field. It’s expected to expand by almost 45 percent between now and 2020. Of course, candidates with a degree can expect higher wage considerations. In 2012, the annual average income for full time event planners was 49,830 dollars.