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EVENT PICK: Something Wicked

Something Wicked @ The Kraine Theater 85 East 4th Street NYC
Something Wicked @ The Kraine Theater 85 East 4th Street NYC
Something Wicked rehearsal

Some stories feel unfinished - “what could have been” is answered in the play Something Wicked. The story takes over where Macbeth left off. Imagine an Act VI where Lady Macbeth experiences a post-death life review through the eyes of three witches played by Laura Epperson, Paul Gregg, and Sam Bruce. By means of a memorable Macbeth quote, actor Paul Gregg aptly describes the play’s message, “What’s done cannot be undone. Something Wicked makes you think about the consequences of your actions.”

Something Wicked

Lady Macbeth, acted by Kathryn Connors, contemplates her past and is led to the question, “how have I influenced things around me?” If given the chance, what could I have done differently? The questions and the journey to their resolution resonate with every human being. Skillfully adapted by Anaїs Koivisto, Something Wicked repurposes some of the key lines from Macbeth, transforming our perception in a dark, engaging way.

The play’s inspiration is fittingly described by the director Anaїs Koivisto, "One of the most famous living Shakespearean scholars - Harold Bloom - once suggested in an essay that Shakespeare gave Lady Macbeth a small amount of stage time in order to prevent her from overshadowing her husband. With Something Wicked, I like to think that we've given her a chance to speak her piece. We give her a chance to finish out her own story (or at least another leg of it)."

Presenting a version of what happens after we die, Something Wicked, offers a rare look beyond the veil. The ensemble cast performs to music they arranged, setting the tone for Lady Macbeth’s life review. The cleverly puzzle-pieced story yields a work of art that would have made Shakespeare proud!

The collaborative cast brings a thought-provoking performance to the stage for a limited run beginning Thursday, February 20th through Saturday, March 8th at The Kraine Theater in NYC. Cast includes (in alphabetical order: Sam Bruce (Third Witch), Kathryn Connors (Lady Macbeth), Laura Epperson (First Witch), Paul Gregg (Second Witch), Zachary Libresco (Man 2 Macbeth), Lila Newman (woman 1, Lady Macduff), Samuel Platizky (Man 1, Duncan), Ali Stoner (Woman 2, Child), and Jay William Thomas (Man 3, Banquo). Director: Anaїs Koivisto - Producer: Katherine Sommer - Dramaturg: Jamie Wylie

WATCH: Something Wicked trailer video

Something Wicked
Directed & Adapted by Anais Koivisto
Part of the FRIGID New York Festival at The Kraine Theatre
85 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003

WHERE: 85 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003
WHEN: Performance Schedule:
Thursday 2/20 at 10:15pm
Sunday 2/23 at 5:15pm
Tuesday 2/25 at 8:40pm
Saturday 3/1 at 2:05pm
Saturday 3/8 at 8:25pm
PRICE: Tickets $16

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