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Event: Life is good brings the sunshine to NYC, debuts aw2014 collection

Donna Tierney, VP of Design and Product Development at Life is good, shows off an optimistic graphic from the aw2014 collection.
Donna Tierney, VP of Design and Product Development at Life is good, shows off an optimistic graphic from the aw2014 collection.
all photos by Faith Bowman

On a (finally) warm day, as perfect as any New York could deliver, optimistically cheerful lifestyle company Life is good strolled into NYC and gave everyone a good time. The company, started by brothers Bert and John Jacobs, really started in 1994. After a few years of making tshirts and finding their niche, the brothers came up with a simple drawing of a smiling character named Jake and the motto -Life is good.

Great ideas catch on like wildfire, and when John and Bert sold out of that particular t-shirt design within 45 minutes of setting up shop, they new they had something special. They built a whole company around the idea of 'Do What You Like. Like What You Do', and ethic so strongly ingrained in their corporate culture- that they print it on the insides of their ceramic coffee mugs. Take a sip, get inspired.

Walking into the showroom, the t-shirts, sleepwear, hoodies, hats, and bags were arrayed in such an inviting fashion that several attendees (including this examiner) were seen to smile and try things on- not a usual happening at NYC fashion events. Co-founder and 'Chief Creative Optimist' John Jacobs was there to talk about the brand's beginnings, and the fact that the company donates 10% of its net profits to help at-risk kids. Donna Tierney, VP of Design and Product Development at Life is good, further explained that the designs are inspired by music and reflect the love of life that percolates throughout the staff.

Boston band The Easy Reasons, specially imported for the event, played to a packed room of tastemakers and influencers. Delicious hors d'oeuvres from Neuman's Kitchen were passed by affable waiters ready, willing, and able to extoll the virtues of the handmade wooden serving trays created by the chef. Wine and beer flowed and the Life is good Happy Hour was the best possible p;lace for anyone to be on a warm day in June.

Tshirts made of the softest cotton are cut to flatter the body, without being too flashy. Dominant colors were a neon version of this year's Pantone color of the Year Radiant Orchid, a hot yellow, and charcoal grey. A slouchy sweatshirt that comes in grey, a soft heathery green, and a muted version of the orchid shade is a winter win. Color blocked knit scarves and hats will look fab, even with boring black coats, and the long sleeved gloves feature a tech finish that will allow wearers to comfortable use their devices even in the cruelest weather. The laid back style mixes perfectly with harder, edgy pieces for a rocker chic look. As in: mix a short sleeved Crusher Tee layered over a long sleeved thermal tee, with tweedy grey trousers, a neon orchid Zipper Hoodie and a smartly cut corduroy jacket. Not sloppy, but not trying too hard, either.

Standout bags include the Stowaway Canvas Tote (this examiner is an owner and fan of the bag), which features enough pockets to carry you through a week in the city, or a weekend away. If you want to get something right now, try one of their enormous Dockside Beach Bags, large enough to carry small dogs, children, towels - and lunch.

The brand is very WYSIWYG- they are happy people, spreading the message of positivity in a world that needs it. Life is good is a snark free zone, driven by good ideas. Life is good, and that's all that matters.

Check out their comfy, easy to wear t-shirts, and other items at

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