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Event Details Revealed for 4th Annual Kansas Cards for the Cure Tournaments

Michael Abay overcame a field of 930 entrants to win the 3rd Annual Kansas Cards for the Cure poker tournament and its $10,000 first prize in 2013.
Michael Abay overcame a field of 930 entrants to win the 3rd Annual Kansas Cards for the Cure poker tournament and its $10,000 first prize in 2013.

The 2013 Kansas Cards for the Cure Kansas Poker Championship successfully raised $45,000 for breast cancer research. It attracted a record 930 entrants including several hundred walk-up registrants. For 2014 additional events and free poker training opportunities are likely to make the 4th annual tournament even more popular.

The 2014 Cards for the Cure Kansas Poker Championship logo designed by Johanna Commer

This year's tournament will be hosted at Beech Activity Center, 9710 E. Central Ave., Wichita, Kansas, and will again be run by GEM (Gaming Entertainment Management) to accommodate the event's potential size. Walk-up registration opens at 8 am with the tournament set to begin at 10 am, so pre-registration or early walk-up registration is strongly encouraged. Online pre-registration concludes Thursday, January 23. Day-of event registration ends at 10 am. This charity event, to benefit the Mid-Kansas Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, encourages a suggested donation of $100. An additional $125 donation will be reward players with a seat at one of the four feature, dealer-run, tables and include complementary food and drinks while still in the event.

Interested competitors can register as part of a team or as an individual. Registering as part of a team enables qualification for team and individual prizes. $40,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded to the top 50 players. The top 2 teams will also earn prizes.

Team prizes will be awarded based upon a point system, making it important for players to check-in at the lunch and dinner breaks. GEM's Nevada Raitt shared how points for team awards will be tracked. Team points will be tracked based upon a 10-player team. If your team only has 8 players and there are 1,000 players in the event, 2 team spots will be assigned 1,001 points. At lunch break remaining players need to check-in. If 500 players check-in all others who do not will be assigned 501 points if they bust out before the dinner break. At dinner break players need to check-in again. If 200 players remain at dinner break, those who do not check-in will be assigned 201 points when they bust out. Those who missed lunch check-in but check-in at dinner can have their points adjusted. With 150 players remaining a straight count down will occur. Each finishing spot will be worth 1 point. 150th place will be worth 150 points, 1st place will be worth 1. At the conclusion of the tournament the team with the lowest point average will win the team prize. The winning team will win $200 in gift cards per person with the runner-up team winning $100 in gift cards per person. This structure is designed to encourage teams to have a full 10-player roster and for players to check-in to receive full team points.

According to event organizer Spike Anderson teams of players do not have to register together. Individuals can register and list their team on their registration. A team member can also email him a list of team members or even volunteer their team members at the registration tables day-of. The sooner the better would be advised. See the event website for contact information.

According to the event website's prize page, the individual top prize is $10,000. 50th place will pay $200, each additional spot will earn an additional $5 until the top 10 are reached. The top 10 payouts will be as follows:

1st = $10,000................2nd = $5,000

3rd = $2,500..................4th = $2,000

5th = $1,500...................6th = $1,400

7th = $1,300...................8th = $1,200

9th = $1,100...................10th = $1,000

The tournament, a freeze-out style event, will see players start with 10,000 in chips and play 30 minute rounds. Four levels will be completed before lunch. Dinner break should occur around 7 pm. Blinds will begin at 50/100 and increase to 100/200, 200/400, and 300/600 when the 12 pm lunch break arrives. The number of entries will affect the blind structure thereafter. In 2013 the 5th level began at 500/1,000. Raitt stated that the blind structure is designed to offer a good balance between driving action, offering a substantial amount of play, but not having players play all night to determine a winner.

Two other tournaments have been added to the schedule this year. A 54-seat High Roller event, sponsored by Nilla's Poker Room, with a $500 suggested donation entry is scheduled to be played at the Beech Activity Center Friday, January 24, at 6 pm. It guarantees $10,000 for first place and five paid spots. A Ladies-Only Poker Palooza event will run at the Beech Activity Center Saturday, January 25, at 4 pm. This 300-max event will award prizes for the top ten players with a first place prize of $2,500. There is a suggested $100 donation for the event. An additional $50 donation offers the player a seat at one of two feature, dealer-run, tables. This is a team event as well. Five-player teams will compete to win $100 gift cards for each team member.

A VIP Party at the Wichita Boathouse kicks off activities Friday, January 24, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm. Tickets are $50 or 4 for $175.

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