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Event Coverage: Theatre7 events and movie ideas for Halloween

As the month of September closed, here is a wrap-up of the September events that showcased local and non-local movies at Las Vegas' Theatre7. For those who weren't able to check out these events, some of these horror, independent, and cult movies may be available in home video format via your local video stores or rented out through your current movie subscriptions. These movies may come in handy with Halloween fast approaching.

Theatre7, a premier arthouse theater, art gallery, and performing arts center in Las Vegas, regularly features movies through special screenings, independent events, and film festivals. This venue often showcases independent features, short films, and documentaries through free screenings to the public or programs requiring affordable ticket purchases. As an alternative movie screening location, it also provides opportunities for meet and greet and Q&A segments with filmmakers.

This eclectic venue for various art forms also allows movie attendees to enjoy art galleries and live performances from music to comedy to poetry. Theatre7 is located within the Downtown Arts District at 1406 S. 3rd Street, Las Vegas, NV 89104. For inquiries, call (702) 568-9663.

Last Month's Events and Featured Movies

Sept. 10: Theatre7 presented the "Grindhouse Geek Out, Free Double Feature" program with the short film "Sweet Ninja Brown," a local film with the filmmaker in attendance, and the feature film "The Exterminator."

Sept. 16: The "Geek Out, Special Free Screening!" program presented the feature film "The Death of Andy Kaufman."

Sept. 17: The Pollygrind Film Festival featured the documentary "Something Weird Presents Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore."


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