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Event Announcement; Beast Tour Update: Beast Seminar, Karate School 16 August

16 August 2014, Dan Severn will be in Lake Worth as part of his Beast Tour. There starting at 8am he will begin the day with a Youth Grappling Seminar at The Karate School located 3980 Boat Club Road Suite 104. The first seminar will entail wrestling and grappling fundamentals, takedowns, training tips and more. Adults are welcome but only on a space available basis. Immediately after the youth seminar Dan will be available for sales of memorabilia, autographs and Photo Opportunities.

This seminar will be taught by UFC Legend Dan Severn. Space is limited. Those wishing to attend are advised to pre register at the event web page
The Karate School, Carl Whitaker, Dan Severn, Knife and H2H

A second more adult oriented Mixed Martial Arts Seminar will follow starting at approximately 9:30am. This seminar will include more takedowns, Ground Work, submissions, UFC inside information and more. The second Seminar ends at approximately 10:30am and there will be another photo opportunity and meet and greet with “The Beast”. Immediately following the photo opportunity and meet and greet at approximately 11am, a local Mixed Martial Arts Strength and Conditioning Coach Seth Spradling, the owner of SAS Fitness Solutions will host a one hour boot camp style period of instruction on combat sports strength and conditioning. This third seminar is a Bonus and is completely free of charge.

Space is Limited for this event, however those interested in attending can secure their space by going to the Beast Tour Web Page and purchasing their pass online securely via Paypal. Pre-registration for this event is the most affordable at 50 dollars. However, August fourth the fee increases to 60 dollars. Starting August 14th Pre Registration may be available if space is, but the fee will go up to 70 dollars which is the same as if paying at the door. Dan Severn is a Living Legend and for those wishing to train with him or even have their child learn from him they may want to register immediately.

Those wanting to secure their spot in the event can go to this page and scroll down till they see information about the 16 August Seminars at The Karate School. These seminars are sponsored by Carl Whitaker and his business The Karate School. As a former martial arts business owner in the DFW area, this writer can attest to how much of a positive influence Mr. Whitaker and his establishment are for the youth being trained at his school.

Mr. Whitaker and “The Karate School” although not grappling schools or Mixed Martial Arts oriented in nature, are good will ambassadors in the martial arts industry. The martial arts industry is one that is filled with ego and insecurity. Mr. Whitaker is one who believes in Bushido, the “warrior way” and supports the physical and mental development of others in the pursuit of Budo or Bushi meaning the martial / warrior path. This is the reason that he is working with Knife and Hand to Hand and The Fort Worth Martial Arts Examiner to sponsor this Saturday event.

The Severn Seminars at “The Karate School” are only but one day prior to the grand finale on the beast tour, which will feature a fund raising event and Female only grappling tournament to support VFW Post 8235 in River Oaks. Although no information has been posted on the whereabouts of the Press Conference leading up to the finale event we know that Mr. Severn will be available for meet and greet and photos during his appearance at “The Karate School” on 16 August.

For those following the former UFC Champ on his DFW Beast Tour they can keep up with up to the hour changes on the Facebook Events Page for the 2014 DFW Beast Tour. There is also a 2014 DFW Beast Tour Web Page, with links, documents, flyers and more relating to the event. For those interested in the Beast Bash Finale of the Beast Tour they can go to the Beast Bash official Web Page.

Stay Posted on The Fort Worth Martial Arts Examiner for the complete list of stops along the Beast Tour.

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