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Evening school offered for high risk students in North Texas

School and internet collide
School and internet collide
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Evening school is an option offered to high-risk students in many North Texas school districts. The program targets students that are at a high risk to drop out of high school.

“The research speaks to schools servicing students to meet their needs and the changing circumstances from which they are arriving at the doors.” Principal of Little Elm High School Shon Joseph said. “Schools can no longer afford to be 8-5.”

The students that participate in the Little Elm Evening School program meet in a computer lab off of the school library from 4:30-8:30 Monday through Friday. During these hours they work off the Edgenuity website; where curriculum is downloaded and high school credit can be earned. Teachers are on hand for students who need guidance in a particular subject.

If the student is not earning credit at an appropriate rate they will rejoin regular school hours and someone from the waiting list will be placed in the evening school spot.

This pilot program is being utilized through North Texas with programs in many North Texas schools, including but not limited to Skyline High School, Garland ISD, Lewisville ISD, and Little Elm ISD.

Texas is not the first state to utilize this method. Schools in Chicago have been following the “school as the community hub” approach for years.

Texas educators are consistently looking for programs to ensure success for their students and when looking toward the future they have a plan. When discussing admittance, which is a critical element in such an exclusive program as evening school; a future plan is already in the works.

”For next year, I would want to streamline our admissions process, adhering strictly to the admission criteria.” LEHS Evening School Administrator Terilyn Monday said. “I believe word of mouth has caused the program to be desirable for many students struggling in the traditional setting”

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