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Evanger’s Beef and Bacon canned dog food

Dog's love bacon!
Dog's love bacon!
Donna Thacker

If you are looking for a quality, grain and gluten free canned dog food, you should try Evanger’s Beef and Bacon. Dogs love the taste of bacon and they will gladly gobble this food down. You will also be assured that you are feeding your dog a food that is wholesome and healthy.

Why Grain Free?

Many dogs have allergies to grains and their owners don’t even realize it. Grain allergies can cause the dog to have recurring ear infections. It can also cause skin irritation and severe scratching. It’s hard to tell what is plaguing the poor dog and you might even blame fleas when in fact it could be the very food you are feeding him.

Switching to a grain free food will help to tell you if grains are causing your dog to scratch and lick. I was having this very issue until I switched to Evanger’s beef and Bacon canned dog food. The intense itching and chewing has nearly stopped and my tiny Shih Tzu loves the taste of the food.

Family Owned in the USA

With so many dog food recalls coming out of China, the fact that Evanger’s is made in the USA is a plus. Evanger’s has been in business since 1935 and was founded by Dr. Fred Evanger. Dr. Evanger raised Great Danes and wanted them to be fed a wholesome, nutritious food so he built the facility to produce his food at his kennels.

The company is in Wheeling, IL. and is still family owned. Evanger’s still believes in the same values of producing ‘Naturally the Best” dog food they can. They are committed to producing the highest quality dog food available. Evanger’s also has a wonderful variety that will tempt any dog’s palate.

The ingredients list on the back of the can is very short and in words you can pronounce: Beef, bacon, water for processing, liver and guar gum. Gaur gum is an all-natural thickening powder made from Guar beans.

Cost Effective

Many people complain that high quality all natural is too expensive. With Evanger’s beef and Bacon, you will feed your dog less. The good quality food is much more filling and satisfying than dog food that has a lot of fillers and “waste” food.

You will also save money buying a ton of different shampoos, ear medication and other things to try to stop the dog’s itching and ear infections. Spending less money on vet bills, ointments and shampoos will save a lot more than the small extra expense of a high quality all natural food.

The Evanger’s web site also has a monthly coupon you can print to save money. Specialty pet stores that stock tis food have a frequent buyer card too. So, going all natural and grain free might even save you money!

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