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Even when you're alone on the road, eBags will still be your friend

Even when you're alone on the road, eBags will still be your friend
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

I travel and shlep my luggage alone all over the world. The days of porters, red caps, bellhops and even readily available gallant gentlemen are just about gone forever. You need the right luggage products to be able to take care of your things all by yourself. Just last night, I can tell you, in traveling from Phoenix from Baltimore . . . if I didn't have eBags products with me, I would have been a goner! I was very glad to be hosted to experience it.

eBags products are precisely engineered to not burst open and be as light as can be, with all the practical pockets one could ask for.

The Mother Lode TLS Weekend Convertible is a backpack meets the extra space of carry-ons meets a laptop case. It comes in a slew of unique, attractive colors, so abject strangers shouldn't be grabbing your bag from the overhead bin.

The backpack aspect includes lots of removable straps for support at different body points . . . so you won't end up a hunchback, even when you're a heavy packer.

The laptop sling is perfect for lots of different laptop sizes . . . now, here's a good travel tip: the sling will keep the machine all safe and sound, but your power adapter will go in a different section. If you get messed with by TSA -- like I did! -- make sure they aren't flinging your important cords all around, never to be seen again. Well, at least try. They do a lot of their work out of sight and things happen to us experts, too! Maybe tie a bright ribbon around them, so you can see them if they fall to the ground.

The shelves, pockets and YKK zippers give you the same quality as any great luggage.

If you wanna be super organized, as if you were traveling with steamer trunks and your own cabin maid, get yourself some colorful slim packing cubes! It will make your Convertible pack that much more luxuriously. Plus, the cubes have little handles! They can be a makeshift swim, laundry or even extra bag if your shopping gets super exciting. Here's another tip: I used the slim packing cube as an extra checked bag; curbside checkers were kind enough to put a "fragile" sticker on it. Win-win, beautiful.

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