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Even mindedness: Love is not blind, love sees

Love is not blind
Serene Celia

"Listen my heart, as long as you feel any difference between joy and sorrow, you will be torn in pieces." Rumi

In life, we will have experiences that lead us both to joy and to sorrow. In joy we feel elated, in sorrow we weep. The body feels, and the mind makes up/attunes to a story about what the body has experienced. So goes the “story” of life.

Experience in neutral. Each experience that we encounter in this earthly realm, simply IS. You name it, it IS. No more, no less.

All is God.

Even mindedness through all of experience is wisdom in action. Even mindedness is birthed from a deep inward understanding and acceptance of life, of All That It Is, and of ourSelves as We Are. It is birthed via a mind and body that have been freed up to walk in alignment with the highest knowing of the soul as it travels through this world of form.

We do not have “good” experiences simply because we are good, any more than we have “bad” experiences because we are inherently bad. Life is life. So long as we are alive we will walk through both “types” of experiences, for such is the nature of life in this realm.

Good, bad, right, wrong, these are all subjective ideas that our minds have learned, judgments that have been collected in a dire misunderstanding of the true nature of life, living, of Spirit, God, and of ourSelves.

As we continue along our way, we come to recognize that there are certain experiences we will have in life. Some we may consider good, others we may consider bad. The truth is that they simply Are. It is wise to teach ourselves not to judge experience; in this way we are freeing ourselves to abide in the peace that IS.

From Rumi Wisdom as translated by Timothy Freke: "A greengrocer had a parrot which was excellent at talking. It was famous for sitting outside the shop and exchanging pleasantries with customers. One day the parrot flew off its perch and spilled an expensive bottle of rose oil. When the owner saw what had happened, he was furious, and struck the bird on the head so hard that its feathers fell out, leaving it bald headed. The parrot was so shocked that it never spoke again. The grocer was heartbroken and full of remorse. He begged every passing Sufi to persuade the parrot to speak again, but nothing would work. That is, until one day a bald-headed Master came into the shop and the parrot looked up and remarked, "What! Did you spill a bottle of rose oil as well?"

Everyone in the shop laughed, but how many of us also project onto others our experience and so completely misunderstand the truth?"

Seeing and feeling souls as they Are, regardless of their form in this world of appearance (be they the Pope, a waitress, vagrant, philanderer, preacher, teacher, garbage man, or a clown) and holding the space of love is pure understanding this is the embodiment of love in action; this is truth. Any understanding that is less in action, is not love/true understanding but a mere "idea" of what love can be; it is but the tip of the iceberg. Imagine. Love is infinite.

Ignorance in the mis-identification of the Spirit with the earthly.

Know Yourself or you cannot know/see/feel/experience any “other” be-ing with great depth or clarity of vision. Neither can you know God intimately if you do not first, Know Yourself. As Within, So Without.

God is behind all we experience in this world; in every experience there is God.

For some, the path is to work in the jail system with the criminals of the world, for some it is to feed the homeless or adopt a child, for others it is to work with children, or to spend a life in the solitude of prayer and meditation. For some it is to work in a cubicle, or to be a mother or a father, a husband or a wife, a dancer, a singer; and for others, their lives are about participating in many of these roles and archetypal experiences that we can entertain over the span of a lifetime. Know Thyself.

Not one of these “roles” that are listed above is “who” You Are.

When you can feel each soul that you come into contact with as your own Self, this is the beginning of what it means to be/feel love. When you can remain still and centered in the truth of love, amidst immersion in the truth that is feeling all others as Self come what may, this is Mastery.

Love is not blind. Love is the brightest, clearest way of be-ing on this planet; love is the most conscious force in creation. Allow love to love through you. Love is by your very nature, Who You Are – no matter the role you are currently playing, and no matter how you deem it – good, bad, or in between.

As you more deeply embody, and thus understand, this truth through the active practice that can be had in each given moment, your actions shift; you “know,” and not just on an intellectual level, that there is no one who is separate from you. There exists no one, no-thing and no experience in existence that is “not YOU.” Saying this, and training mind and body to walk in accordance with this truth as we journey through this world is in part why we are here. We are all learning on some level, many levels, about the truth that is behind these words. You can speak of love until you are blue in the face, but until you have taken the time to Know Yourself in this way, it is empty chatter.

There is not a thing that you can do, feel, think, or say that doesn't affect everything and everyone in creation.

Every action that you choose reflects where you are with regard to your understanding of Who You Are on the deepest of levels, as Spirit in form. The only thing that exists is the ever-present now. Learn to live here now, and you will experience each moment As It Is. Labels then begin to dissipate in what IS, judgments fade in deeper acceptance/understanding; anger, rage and ideas of revenge are freed in the pure understanding of “other” Spirit in form as They Are/As You Are.

Alas, the mind is silenced of all thought by the still light that is truth – bright, permeating, percolating, aflame with the vibration of its truest nature – the bliss of Spirit. The mind comes to bathe in, and to recognize each experience As It Is – a play of light in this world of form. It is now freed up to sing what is, to birth ever more of what we call “the formless” into form.

So is the “story” of life. You can remain an effect for eons, yet a day will come when you will be the cause. You will be a cause in each and every moment, a cause you wish to emanate as in this world. You will be the cause of Who You Are as shared in this world of form with all others. Free yourself to choose your story in this very moment. Allow the Living Spirit that is within you to guide the mind and body so they may walk as One, in alignment with your Highest Knowing as you traverse this world of form. Enjoy the ecstasy and blessing of be-ing Spirit in form. After all, one day, you will not have a form with which to enjoy and experience this world any longer, and thus the journey of the Soul continues.

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