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Finding that perfect spot where you work well without changing too much of whom you are should be a joint collaboration with the company you work for. Here are a few tips for managers to help meet you in the middle:

Sometimes managers fail to do the most basic thing:  get to know and understand their team.

There are a lot of different tools available to help a manager understand their team’s personalities and work styles such as StrengthsFinder, DiSC, or Social Styles. Managers can begin the journey of partnership with their team by putting together offsites that help explore team personalities and work styles. Managers must also be prepared to share information about themselves to foster trust and openness with the team.

Sometimes managers don’t think about a person’s culture, which can contribute to their personality or work style. Taking the time to understand a person’s cultural background can aid in greater understanding of what makes them tick.

Managers should put a lot of thought into the team’s genuine strengths and weaknesses, including successful and non-successful work products. An essential part of this is to have a conversation with employees to get their opinion. Many times, managers will make an assumption of what happened without actually asking their employees to share their thoughts. Therefore, it’s important for managers to keep an open mind and not make assumptions and operate off of them.

Work distribution can oftentimes be heavily-weighted to some individuals on the team. Therefore, managers should constantly think about and monitor the work the team does. Is it adequately distributed? Are people set up for success and doing the best they can or are they working on things that past experience has shown they aren’t very successful with? What is the feedback from the team about the work?

Look at the work environment. Is it too open or loud? Are people segregated without a collaborative space? What does the team think of the work area? It may sound basic, but changing the environment can have a profound effect on how well people work.

Probably the most important thing a leader can do for their company’s success is to understand and know their team. Many managers inherit their teams versus building them from scratch so it’s guaranteed they’ll have a mix of people working for them. It’s a journey for managers to know and understand their team as it is a journey for you to help them know and understand you.

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