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Even introverts can be taken seriously at work: Part 1

How do you do your best work?  In a group or alone?

Do people take you seriously when you have an idea? Do they choose you to head a major project without your having to volunteer? Are you the first name people think of when they’re looking for help or knowledge?

In this day and age, the old adage of the squeaky wheel getting the grease seems to be the norm, even if those squeaky wheels are only sub-par when they work. If you’re more of an introverted worker and prefer to take in all of the information to process before commenting, more often than not you have probably found yourself not being heard or taken seriously when you do have something to say simply because you choose not to comment in the moment.

When leaders overlook the quiet folks and only pay attention to the noisy ones, they tend to miss out on in veritable gold minds of creativity and knowledge, mistaking introverted behavior as someone that doesn’t have any good ideas or anything worthwhile to contribute to the greater good.

The biggest thing we hear is how much we should change and step out of our comfort zone, even if that zone is not where we do our best work. While some behavior can and should be changed, transforming who we are inherently is not only difficult; it may also not be in our best interest to do so.

Finding that medium where we do our best work takes effort on our part as well as some effort from the companies we work for.

Stay tuned for tips on how you can get people to take you seriously in part two of this article.

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