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Even in death the Doctor Atkins Diet still a weight loss winner

Most people have heard of the Atkins Diet. Many have great results with the plan; hence the lasting popularity of Atkins despite the doctor having died more than ten years ago.

The crux of Atkins is reduced simple carbs, some basic supplements, and exercise.

It is a very simple concept and easy to follow once you get used to it. I would say anybody can do it, but I say that about almost any fitness and health eating plan. I believe all these programs are good if you are not doing anything.

Don't let this part stop you

The exercise component seems to stop a lot of people, but no matter what sort of program a person might consider, many shy away because the honest diets include an exercise component.

I believe you don't need a specific diet, just sensible eating and sane exercise

Listen to weight loss diet and pill adverts and notice someplace they include "Results Vary. Include exercise for best results."

Exercise makes a huge difference and more than anything else ought to be part of all our lifestyles.

While the Atkins idea is simple, and effective, a lot of people have trouble switching their carb source from junk food to real food. Once a person gets past that part the weight loss happens pretty easily.

Becoming listless does not have to be part of this

When you cut back on carbs there is a bit of an energy drop if your body is currently junked-up and you are essentially hooked on sugar -- any kind of sugar. But everybody gets over it, and you don't have to STOP carbs completely, just eat the ones that are good for your blood sugar.

Medical News Today has an informational report on Atkins. They have done a good job putting together a great overview so that a person can decide if Atkins is for them. The article tells

  • who Dr. Atkins was
  • what the Atkins Diet is
  • the four phases to the Atkins Diet
  • the four principles of the Atkins Diet
  • and how effective the Atkins Diet is.

You will like what it does to your face

I know for a fact that anybody who switches to a mostly fresh food eating plan like Atkins, will see the difference in their face in few days. The elapsed time until you see it in your body can take a little longer but will come.

Fresh food raw and cooked is worth trying just to see the difference.

But don't go crazy and force yourself to drastically change your eating -- as in the video.

Cinta anda

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Statements made by Thomas Amshay and found here and worldwide have not been endorsed by FDA. Consult with your health care team before beginning any supplement or exercise program.

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