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Even CFOs Share #TBTs

Leadtail Social Insights - CFO
Leadtail Social Insights - CFO

Ever wondered what Chief Financial Officers talk about on Twitter? A recent report by Leadtail shows that it’s not just finance, business and leadership that they like to discuss (although they do talk about that, too).

No, it turns out CFOs are just like the rest of us when it comes to using social media — they even share #TBTs (that’s Throwback Thursdays, where you upload a photo taken long before selfies and social media were even a thing, and everybody laughs at your regrettable fashion choices).

But what else do they talk about?

Well, some of the hashtags are what you’d expect from CFOs — like #business, #finance, #StartUp, #investing, #marketing, and, uh, #CFO.

But holidays, current events, sports, and technology all seem to be popular subjects, too — and they’re even sharing their #fails like the rest of us.

It’s nice to see that the hashtags #family, #love, and #thankful also make an appearance on the list. These CFOs aren’t just talking business — they’re talking about their personal lives, too. And with other hashtags like #NoFilter, #Movember and #wine also being popular, it shows that really, they’re using Twitter just like everyone else (although their wine is probably more expensive than most).

Leadtail’s report also covers which social networks CFOs are using, how they describe themselves, what platforms they prefer, and where they’re located.

And it goes even deeper than that, providing a look at what type of content they share, which people and brands influence them the most, and who they retweet.

Knowing what CFOs are interested in can help you create more relevant content, decide where to advertise, and figure out what type of campaign you need to be implementing. If you’re looking for insights in how to reach, target and engage with finance executives, the report is a goldmine — and you can find it right here.

You can find Mary C. Long on Twitter or connect with her here.

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