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Even after Manny's victory over Bradley, Bob Arum feels disrespected

Manny Pacquiao greets the crowd prior to his fight with Timothy Bradley at the MGM Grand, April 12, 2014
Manny Pacquiao greets the crowd prior to his fight with Timothy Bradley at the MGM Grand, April 12, 2014
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

It looks like it isn't enough for Bob Arum to bathe in the glow of Manny Pacquiao's unanimous decision in last night's welterweight title fight against Timothy Bradley, Jr.

Pacquiao was victorious according to ringside judges' cards to the tune of 116-12, 116-12, 118-110, taking Bradley's belt and handing him his first defeat as a pro. It reversed the decision of 2012 when the Filipino legislator was believed to be the winner by those who watched the bout, yet lost a split decision.

There was much interest in the fight, put on by Arum's Top Rank Promotions at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and televised on HBO Pay-Per-View, but it was not the only boxing match that got attention during fight week in Sin City. And that is what upsets Bob Arum.

Steve Kim of joined a group of reporters on Friday who listened as the octogenarian lamented his inability to wield power in Vegas as he used to. "I couldn’t believe it. I never saw anything like this in all the years I’ve been in boxing and that’s a lot of years." He was referring to a significant presence of ads in the hotel for the Mayweather vs. Maidana fight coming to the MGM Grand on May 3, dubbed "The Moment", as well as marketing events throughout the week for the full card of fights.

According to Kim, the lack of competition for venues in Vegas has ended badly in Arum's opinion. When the MGM competed with the Mandalay Bay, Bob Arum ruled the roost, but with them under the same ownership, that has gone the way of all flesh.

This isn't over, which Arum made clear:

"I met with my lawyers this morning, they are handling the situation and once you meet with the lawyers like I have -- who are very high-priced and very expensive -- it takes everything off my back and I ain’t going to discuss it any more. It’ll be, what it’ll be."

With Floyd Mayweatther, Jr. taking his talents and business to Showtime, over HBO and continuing to align himself with Arum's archenemy Golden Boy Promotions, the game is no longer played the same way. Money Mayweather plays to win in all things, whether it's wagering on sports or keeping himself at the top of the boxing pyramid. The Money Team went so far as to arrange for fighters on his May 3rd undercard to meet up with fans nearby the MGM, Saturday afternoon of fight day. Heresy, absolute heresy.

In The Godfather films, a phrase was used to indicate that the speaker wanted someone from one of the "families" to do something about a person who had gotten out of line, causing hurt to the speaker's business interests. "I got a stone in my shoe, Mr. Corleone. A two-bit punk who works for me. The one who thinks he's related to you. A bastard," said Vincent Corleone to Michael about rival Joey Zasa in The Godfather Part III.

Oh, if it were only that easy for Bob Arum. His legal beagles may not be able to change the situation and he knows that. It doesn't mean he has to like it.

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