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Evelyn Lozada and Wendy Williams feud over 'cash register' remark

"Basketball Wives' star Evelyn Lozada is fuming mad as she fires back at Wendy Williams. On March 27, Inquisitr reported that Lozada recently responded to Wendy Williams via Twitter and she is angry.

Lozada fires back at Wendy Williams after "cash register" comment.
Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

While congratulating Evelyn Lozada on the recent birth of her son, Wendy Williams referred to the newborn as a "cash register". The comment insinuated that Lozada is a gold digger and that her new son is her paycheck. To drive the point home, Wendy flashed pictures of Lozada and her fiance' Carl Crawford on the screen. While the pictures were up, Wendy explained to the audience that a woman that looks like Lozada would not be in a relationship with a man who looks like Crawford if it weren't for his $147 million MLB contract.

Like any mother would be, Lozada was furious at Wendy Williams' accusations. Evelyn took to Twitter to say her piece and it is very clear that she is beyond angry. On March 26, Lozada's tweets read like this:

You know @WendyWilliams, I never bother anyone. I even bought you a beautiful bouquet of flowers congratulating your broadway debut...

Since u want me 2 open Dulce n LA. Maybe ur man can come 2 that store & purchase shoes 4 another woman like he did @ my Miami store. Bloop!

Oh...BTW...he purchased the Casadei suede over the knee boots triple platform just in case you wanted to know. #DontComeForMe #INeverBotherU

#NowPutThatOnHotTopics ✌️

Now that Wendy Williams has Evelyn Lozada upset, is this feud going to blow up? Wendy has not responded yet to Evelyn's Twitter rant and it is unclear if she will. Does Wendy owe Evelyn an apology?

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